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When professional repair and courteous service is needed, contact the experts of Firehawk Corporation.
Our highly trained staff will be able to diagnose any problem and provide you and your company with service that is unbeatable.
  • Firehawk certified technicians: perform inspection, maintenance, and certification on building sprinkler systems making sure your business is compliant with NFPA 25, state and local fire codes and will activate and function properly in a fire emergency.
  • 24 hour Emergency Support Services
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual, Annual and 5-year certification
  • Diagnose, Repairs and Upgrades
  • Maintenance, repair service, design & installation of restaurant, commercial & industrial suppression systems.
  • IT Server Rooms, Restaurant Hoods, Paint Booths, Flammable Liquid Storage
  • Sales, service and inspection of portable fire extinguishers of any size or requirement.
  • Firehawk’s state licensed technicians certify your company is compliant with the most up-to-date OSHA, NFPA, state & local fire and safety codes. Don’t get fined, get certified.
  • Monthly and/or annual maintenance & inspections
  • 6-Year internal and 12-Year Hydrostatic Testing
  • Location, Proximity and Signage Requirements
  • Back Flow: Testing, inspection of back flow, which is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water and other substances back into the distribution pipes of the drinking water system.
  • Emergency/Exit Lighting: sales, inspection and service of emergency lighting, exit signs battery systems.
  • Hood Exhaust Cleaning: scrape and steam method of restaurant hoods.
  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets: all makes and models of fire related cabinets.
  • Fire Hoses: sales, service and installation on all sizes of fire hoses.
  • CPR Courses: Firehawk instructs CPR/First Aid courses to certify and re-certify employees. These classes are custom designed to fit the workplace and meet OSHA requirements.
  • Fulfill company OSHA required classroom training: courses on the science of fire and fire prevention, company safety evacuation plans and including a live hands on demonstration of the proper use of a portable fire extinguisher on a controlled fire.
  • First Aid Supplies: medical and safety supplies & products inventory management and restocking monthly or quarterly to meet OSHA standards.